Development of application for the Evaluation of learning goals and objectives

We developed a web application for the Evaluation of learning goals and objectives for the Faculty of Economics at the University of Ljubljana.



Faculty of Economics of the University of Ljubljana


Project description:

Evaluation of learning goals and objectives is a process that faculty uses to measure how students achieve goals & objectives set in faculty's study programs. Goals and objectives are defined in an evaluation plan for each study program, then categories to measure objectives are set, a sample of students is randomly picked, evaluators assess student's work (oral or written exam, seminar, thesis..) of those students set in a sample. When evaluation is finished an assessment analysis of the results is generated. The analysis helps the faculty to improve its study process.

Several users are engaged in this process, administration which sets the goals, objectives, categories and student samples, evaluators that assess the students based on their work, professors or study activity owners than comment the analysis, academic unit heads that review the analysis.

It is a web based application for process of evaluating the learning goals and objectives of faculty's study programs.

Customer needed for the process to be IT supported since it had been done on paper and excel sheets in the past.


Technologies and tools used:

- .NET 4.0
- ASP .NET MVC 3, Entity Framework 4.1
- XHTML 1.0, CSS 2, CSS 3, javascript + jQuery 1.6.1
- MS SQL Server