Involvement in the development of electronic land register

We offered support to the SRC company and the Supreme Court of the Republic of Slovenia in developing an electronic land register.



SRC d.o.o.


Project description:

In the context of the e-Governance projects, we offered assistance to the S.R.C. company and the Slovene Supreme Court in developing an electronic land register. This web solution makes administration simpler, quicker and lowers the costs for land-registration procedures.

The application offers following functions:
- registration and application using qualified digital certificates
- entering of land-registration proposals
- interaction with active processes for acquiring additional documentation
- temporary storage of processes
- queries in the land registry regarding the state of procedures
- queries in the land registry regarding real-estate properties
- reports
- document storing system

The solution is integrated with AJPES’s system for acquiring data on legal persons and with SIGEN-CA’s service for authentication of digital certifications.

The application includes a graphical interface for external users (lawyers, notaries, real-estate agents) and a Java Swing client for internal users. Two backend systems were used – one for external and one for internal processes. The Hessian protocol enables communication between the backend systems and the clients.


Technologies and tools used:

- Java 1.5 SE
- Apache HTTP Server
- JBoss and WebLogic application servers
- Spring framework: Spring Core, Spring Security, Spring Batch
- Apache Mule
- Linux operating system
- Oracle RDBMS
- XHTML 1.0, CSS 2, javascript + jQuery