Notifly - Follow Your Interest!

Wir haben Notifly Produkt in Zusammenarbeit mit unserem Partner Futura DDB entwickelt


Project description:

Notifly technology is a principle of audio watermarking. Application on mobile device enables decoding sound codes and allows the transmission of content via 3G or Wi-Fi, while watching TV, browsing internet or during a concert, fashion shows, shopping in the store and more. 

Notifly is a revolutionary new system of conveying contents through sound code, undetectable by a human ear. FLY messages are broadcast by TV and radio stations, event and concert managers, organizations, restaurants, shops … You can see, hear or read them only with application Notifly on your mobile phone or tablet.


How it works?

If you are a Publisher 

step 1. download “secret” sound code via web platform

step 2. watermark your audio file with this code, 

step 3. broadcast of perform your audio on any device for reproducing sound, 

step 4. create and manage flying messages (data, video and audio).

If you are an Advertiser create an ad that matches the code. The ad is then automatically sent to the user’s App.

As a User activate Notifly Mobile App on your smart phone or tablet to receive flying messages at a place of your interest in connections with the topics you preset.


Anywhere an audio is being broadcast, there’s an opportunity for content to be delivered!

Learn how Notifly works in the attached video: